A very private Xmas – a great time to review your online privacy

human body holding a phone with a security camera aimed at them, from TV showing social media icons

Labor has teamed up with the Liberals to smash through more over the top Surveillance legislation on the last sitting day of the year – allowing search and detention for people as young as 14, and extensive powers criticised by GetUp, the Law Society and others.

We are hoping that some folks might take time in their holidays to maybe do some life admin, and some security updates, and think about getting into some good habits next year.

As activists we are monitored, and its always the case for much discussion – how much? How? Why? Am I exciting enough to have an ASIO file – why not?

We know and have been part of groups that have had police spies embedded, and corporate spies. We know they monitor our groups and data but we just don’t know how much. So we will be running a session to get into some security hygiene and explain how security culture can be better developed in your group.

Here are some resources already on our site to help you with your review:

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