Nicola presenting at one of many training workshops

Building out this Training section is going to be a big project for us in the second half of 2024. We have scheduled a huge overhaul for this area of the site, and will be providing extensive resources for experienced activists (or even those who just want to have a go) to be able to train other activists. This will include civil disobedience and direct action, as well as tips on sharing information on specialised areas we developed expertise in, such as legal briefings, digital privacy and security culture, mass civil disobedience and campaign strategy.

We will be including sample agendas, powerpoints for you to download and adapt, workshop modules and a whole lot more. We are really excited to have a break and then dive into sharing what we have learned with you all over more than 15 years of direct action training. Sneak preview of first powerpoint draft is downloadable here for any keen beans.

In the meantime, this is a hugely under-utilised resource for all activists across the continent developed by our predecessors, Pt-chang: the Nonviolence Trainers Manual and an excellent selection of training resources has been curated by the Commons Library from the Beautiful Trouble trainers collective.

Training for Change is a training and capacity building organisation for activists and organizers. You can also find a wealth of resources at Organising for Power.

Facilitation Training

We will add some more resources here, but some of the best in the world are found at Seeds for Change. Below is one of ours designed for shared facilitation at blockade camps and pickets.