Nothing kills an activist collective or small organisation quicker than dysfunctional internal dynamics.
As our fights for social, racial and climate justice become more difficult, so too can the lateral violence increase as a result of this pressure. This can quickly fester into an unworkable situation. How then can we build effective groups?

Investing in building good facilitation capacity in your group, and a healthy group culture, is one of the single most important things you can do to set yourself up for effective activism and campaigning.

Seeds for Change is one of the best websites for resources on facilitation, group work, effective meetings and managing difficult dynamics including

Some of our tried and trusted resources for effective groups

Meeting facilitation – the no magic method

Getting unstuck – a classic outlining simple tips for blockages

Rhizome is another great site – useful handout for dealing with challenging behaviours

If your group uses consensus decision making this is a good overview

A satirical poster saying "are you lonely - hold a meeting"