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Covid Not so Safe – the case for conscientious objection

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EDIT NOTE 8/5/20 – Yes, this is a long post. We want to provide context for the bigger picture of some data, privacy and surveillance concerns but also outline the many issues with the app. We also want you to listen to voices not platformed in this debate, and explain some of the technical aspects in plain English. Since publishing this has been viewed 10k and we’ve added some extra links to some improved discource around the app. Scroll to find areas of interest.

The public discourse around the CovidSafe app has been problematic to say the least. In one corner we have model citizens, people on Team Australia, those willing to act together for the common good. They believe in family values, they’ve been self distancing and they champion the Anzac spirit.

3.5 million of them have installed the … Read More »

7 reasons to say no to the Corona Tracing Phone App

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Why friends don’t let friends endanger friends

We are living through this wild ride together – where things don’t make sense. Some activist groups were the first I saw to cancel events, and also the first to mobilise into mutual aid networks – directly supporting each other in community. In the main, people who would normally be out on the streets in protest at government over-reach are doing right by their community and staying home.

We saw the Greens actively pushing for a lockdown, but seemingly without any clear parameters for how to manage this when it occurred – nor a detailed plan for how to manage policing so it did not impact on marginalised communities. In this topsy turvy land we have seen the ACTU and the Liberals working collaboratively on one of the biggest government packages we have ever … Read More »

10 steps for building Community during Corona

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This is Alana and Aysha. Aysha has down syndrome. Alana says “I’m wanting people who are unwell to pull back from sending kids to school, going to work, health services and public spaces. It’s serious, it might not be your most important person that doesn’t make it but it will be someone’s.”

FIRES: Give to the grassroots

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As the entire continent reels from what may be the worst fires in recent human history, and East Coast capital cities and regions gasp for clean air, we can see huge generosity and gorgeous acts of caring to bring a small piece of hope … a little blue sky amidst the grey.

Direct action is happening all over the place. You can read about Mutual Aid and Direct action to understand it more here – and we will update when we have the most recent Oz based groups. This is a great local example – volunteers sharing skills and resources to crowdsource temporary accommodation – what legends! There is also this new app to direct people to resources they may need in fire impacted regions.

In the coming weeks our team will be working out how to best support the emergent movement … Read More »