10 steps for building Community during Corona

This is Alana and Aysha. Aysha has down syndrome. Alana says “I’m wanting people who are unwell to pull back from sending kids to school, going to work, health services and public spaces. It’s serious, it might not be your most important person that doesn’t make it but it will be someone’s.”

Vale Bill Ryan

We are at a bit of a loss. In time more words will come. Bill Ryan was a model for aging disgracefully. Using his age and his experience/s to challenge …

Horse trampling - Beeliar

Calling all lawyers

We could have started off with a lawyer joke, but honestly we are so very lucky to have had the chance to deal with the best of them in our …

15th March will make history

“she is cute and had a nice speech but it hasn’t changed anything,” ~ so said some cranky old activist muttering in the corner about Greta being a puppet whilst …