Supporting the #ClimateStrike

Group of young people with a sign that reads we will be less activist if you will be less shit

CounterAct has been supporting student activists since we established in 2013. We are thrilled to see the leadership emerging from young people as part of the worldwide #ClimateStrike protests.

Students and young people have played a critical role in social movements for decades, and training has been a part of that. From the civil rights movement (Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee) to the Vietnam War protests, to the people powered uprising led by Otpor youth, that defeated dictator Slobadan Milosevic in Yugoslavia, to protection of our environment and forests – young people have been at the forefront. And its hardly new. You can read more about a childrens strike in the early 1900’s here.

Its a testament to our education system that such young children are educated about the risks of climate change, have an understanding of civic responsibility, and are taking charge, in the face of government inaction that impacts their future gravely.

Our training in Perth will consist of nonviolent strategy and successful case studies of youth leadership in civil resistance movements around the world; understanding their legal rights; how to maintain peaceful and safe protests, and practical skills to share their stories.

CounterAct is only one of thousands of organisations and individuals who are inspired by, and supporting these young people. We are providing training that they have requested, and would suggest you listen directly to the kids.

Find out more here.

We would strongly prefer you speak with the students directly, however if you want to attribute any of the above, this statement was written by Nicola Paris.

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