CounterAct Coordinator, Nicola Paris on a mike in a large crowd, She is wearing a blue dress and holding a megaphone. She is surrounded by a crowd and blue ribbons and bunting

Rare job opportunity

CounterAct are hiring! We’ve broken new ground in resourcing and supporting community activists in civil resistance, nonviolent direct action and legal information over the last 9 years and are the …

Stop the attack on peaceful protest

Many of you may have seen news about the proposed changes to the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission Act which will severely curtail peaceful protest and limit charities in their …

human body holding a phone with a security camera aimed at them, from TV showing social media icons

A very private Xmas

We’re excited to be running our last Rebel School of the year: Security Culture & Digital Privacy which seems quite apt on the day that Labor teamed up with the …

10 steps for building Community during Corona

This is Alana and Aysha. Aysha has down syndrome. Alana says “I’m wanting people who are unwell to pull back from sending kids to school, going to work, health services and public spaces. It’s serious, it might not be your most important person that doesn’t make it but it will be someone’s.”