Lets get creative

We are excited to announce our new workshop, ARTS AND HEART in campaigning – a residential at gorgeous Common Ground in Seymour for the first weekend of Winter.

As we have been plotting and preparing for this workshop it was great to see the success of the long running campaign, Liberate Tate – a superb example of combining art and activism together for maximum impact.

Dear Australia – Let’s shake it up!

Tired of the same old chants, boring marches, die-ins and tactics that haven’t evolved since the 1970’s?

Want to think big, think creative and grab people’s attention?

Inspired by creative culture jamming, groups like the Yes Men, the fabulous colour and props of international climate marches and use of art and theatre across the world – we thought it was high time the environment movement got some more creative juices flowing here, as well as connecting into the talent of our local artist communities. Find out more here.

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