In Western Australia (WA), we have seen a steep escalation in targeting of some protest groups. Police have been paying particular attention to climate activists.

Police protect the Beeliar Wetlandsin Western Australia from community determined to save it
The nonviolent direct action phase of the campaign to protect the Beeliar wetlands and urban bushland commenced in 2016.

For this reason, if you are getting involved in activism in Western Australia, it’s a good idea to inform yourself of best practice around SECURITY CULTURE and DIGITAL PRIVACY.

Police tend to manage planned protests and rallies via direct discussion with activist groups. Typically the process you need to go through to seek “approval” for various events is via local council processes. E.g. to ensure that you can access a regularly used venue such as Forrest Place.

To understand your rights, police powers, and common charges for civil disobedience actions/protests, consult our guide Your Rights - A Short Guide for Activists in Western Australia. (updated Jan 2024)