Successful campaigns require an effective strategy.

A common challenge with new activists and groups is that people instinctively move to tactics, rather than strategy. It is always best to take some time to develop campaign strategy and/or an understanding of strategic nonviolent conflict if you are involved in civil resistance work.

Strategy Resources

  • Bill Moyer’s movement action plan: understanding the strategic role of the “rebel” is critical in our movements. Both for how we interact with other types of change-makers, and also the challenges inherent in this movement role. This is the highest risk, lowest resourced sector of social change work.
  • The Commons Library has an excellent strategy toolkit we highly recommend
  • Chris Rose has also got a good selection of resources on strategy
  • One of the concepts we often discuss in civil resistance strategy is the “pillars of power“. What are the elements that hold up any issue we are working on, and how might we dismantle them?
Successful strategy requires four roles: citizen, reformer, rebel and change agent.