Coral Bleach in a creative action
Coral Bleach in creative action

This whole world changing business should be fun when it can be – and it certainly needs to be attention grabbing to make a mark in a busy 24 hour news cycle. One of our favourite workshops we ever ran was a weekend series on creative activism – we heard from photographers, and street artists. We had cameo appearances from mining magnates, and tree chopping politicians, as well as folks who had managed to famously infiltrate election parties.

In recent times we have seen some increasingly inspired culture jamming, artivism, and the arts sector as a battleground for boycott campaigns and interventions on issues from climate change to a Free Palestine.

Here is just a small taste test, and we look forward to adding a lot more!


‘If I can’t dance to it, it’s not my revolution.’

Emma Goldman
Thriller Flash Mob Protest in the Kimberley
A playlist of some of our favourite examples of creative actions