People sitting on a road talking to police; action planning including considering the legal aspects

There’s a lot that goes into planning an action. The action planning checklist below walks you through all the issues to consider. As well as the planning required before your activity, there’s a number of things to do after the action has been completed.

Some additional checklists are available here and here

Here’s a checklist to help with your action planning! 


  • Set goals 
  • Get training – see this checklist for training and our training page
  • Fundraising
  • Research/info gathering
  • Scouting
  • Create affinity group and assign roles
  • Media – establish relationships, press release
  • Legal support plan
  • Action plan (with a few Plan B’s, just in case)
  • Messaging
  • Props/gear/costume
  • Outreach for participants and support people

During Action:

  • Transportation – things, people
  • Provisions – food, medical, clothes, blankets, etc
  • Process/communication (internal)
  • Look out/communication (external)
  • Legal support roles
  • Documentation – notes, photos, video
  • Public liaisoning – flyers, banners
  • Media – press calls, press release, update
  • Stage director
  • Police liaison


  • Legal and jail support – all the way through court!
  • Collect documentation
  • Report back/debrief/next steps
  • Post press-release with info on action
  • Collect news coverage 
  • Write articles/blogs
  • Get gear back – from friends, cops
  • Write info learned on how to do the action – any details others need to know
  • Update website
  • Media – sell them the story, send them photos
  • Celebrate!