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Art and protest – If a tree falls

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Eloise joined our team this year, and writes about her experience as an invited artist, to Tarkine in Motion

This year I attended Tarkine in Motion, ran by the Bob Brown Foundation, who are campaigning for 450 000 hectares of forest and coast to be declared a National Park and World Heritage Area. The event, now in it’s fourth year, sees artists venture into the north west corner of Tasmania, to document, experience, and be inspired by the beautiful wilderness that is the Takayna/Tarkine.

At the Arthur River camp the first thing I can hear is the distant roar of the ocean. It’s the end of the day and sunset isn’t far off, but I really want to go down to the waves. Slipping away before anyone can follow me, I crawl through the knotted scrub near the camp, climb over … Read More »

Civil disobedience in the public interest

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It’s a challenging process to write a submission for a parliamentary inquiry that seems so likely have a forgone conclusion.

The committee that is examining the tax deductible status and regulations of environment groups telegraphed their desired outcomes long before receiving any evidence. Luckily for us, the mining companies were a bit slow on the uptake so they were allowed late submissions, and then we were – which is exciting – as we thought we’d missed the chance with a full plate, and only slightly less resources than the mining industry.

Over 99% of the more than 9000 submissions supported the environment movement, and the incredible history and gains that have been made for everyone in this country – through a range of protest, lobbying, advocacy, markets and divestment campaigning and yes, tree planting.

Apparently the last one is the only one that … Read More »

Direct action gets the goods

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So said a comment online yesterday.  As news of the World Heritage announcement spread like wildfire it was great to watch the facebook newsfeed – tears and laughter and elation and vindication.  This win will be claimed by many, but a special part of it needs to be owned by the frontline crew.

I’ve worked around the fringes of the forest campaign for more than ten years now – and have consistently been amazed at the tenacity and toughness of the people who speak for the trees.

No matter what your view on the so called ‘tassie peace deal’ – you have to credit a big part of this win to the people on the frontline.  For crazy-glorious pirate ships, for living in the tree tops, imagination and gender bending ‘be my florentine’ beauty pageants, for people camped in muddy winter holding … Read More »