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You shut down our communities: we shut down your city

Posted on April 10th, by Counteractive in Campaigns, News. 3 comments

You shut down our communities: we shut down your city

“These are our streets, These are our protests,
These are our sit-ins, Lock downs, Lock ons,
These are our people chained to machinery in the Leard state forest,
Our religious leaders occupying MPs offices,
Our activists keeping deportation flights grounded
These are our campaigns,
our unions
our interests,
our student bodies,
our graffiti,
our publications.
Our stories,
our spirit,
our history”

So exciting to hear such a powerful voice acknowledging so many campaigns we support. A remarkable rally today shut down the city streets of Melbourne in solidarity with the mooted closures of aboriginal communities.

1000’s of people held the intersection of Flinders Street and Swanston in a strong showing of resistance for hours. Phenomenal speakers, an incredibly powerful spoken word and an inspiring feisty resistance – as well as messages direct from impacted communities. Check out #SOSBlakAustralia on twitter and facebook for more information, and their website here.

Despite the ridiculous critique of ”selfish rabble” from an increasingly out of touch Herald Sun, and typical whinging from various privileged folks… it was a profound moment of civil disobedience. Oh Dear! The inconvenience of losing your homelands and everything that is sacred to you an hour of your life in gridlocked traffic. The horror!

We salute you, Warriors of Aboriginal resistance and all the other mob involved – let us know how to help your work more.

In solidarity

3 thoughts on “You shut down our communities: we shut down your city

  1. Way to go folks these thieves and destroyers of our children are mere men and women all puffed up in themselves and it is time to bring them into reality. There is no debt, shortage, of anything in this world all have their own means of living and creating. It is good on ya level the playing field.

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