We won… six months on

Well it has been a long time coming, but we have finally launched the updated version of the Camp Walmadan booklet, complete with the ‘WE WON’ wrap around copy, with reflections and stories from the successful campaign to stop Woodside’s proposed gas refinery on the Kimberley coast.

A huge shout out to our lovely and patient designer friend Lilia who did such a fab job and everyone who shared their stories… as well as those that didn’t have a chance.

Celebration is important, and we wanted to make the resource available for everyone to share, but add in some positive stories – as we all know, wins like this don’t come around every day.

It is timely as ‘Heritage Fight‘ – the remarkable documentary of the Goolarabooloo people and Broome community is currently showing on NITV, and Part One is available for a short time to view online on SBS.

We still have a series of interviews and more detailed reflections to compile, though you can preview a short case study of the Broome campaign we will be shortly publishing as part of our report into activist training needs.

Photo - Damian Kelly
Download the booklet here – Photo – Damian Kelly

The files are quite large as they contain beautiful photos and artwork so we have made them available for public download here.  There are instructions for printing, and you can download a high res version of the original booklet, as well as the the additional ‘Celebration wrap around (5 mb)‘ section.

We hope this community win continues to inspire into the future, and encourage you to keep up to date with the ongoing challenges faced by communities in the Kimberley through pages like Broome No Gas and Environs Kimberley.