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We won… six months on

Posted on October 24th, by Counteractive in Campaigns, Resources. No Comments

Well it has been a long time coming, but we have finally launched the updated version of the Camp Walmadan booklet, complete with the ‘WE WON’ wrap around copy, with reflections and stories from the successful campaign to stop Woodside’s proposed gas refinery on the Kimberley coast.

A huge shout out to our lovely and patient designer friend Lilia who did such a fab job and everyone who shared their stories… as well as those that didn’t have a chance.

Celebration is important, and we wanted to make the resource available for everyone to share, but add in some positive stories – as we all know, wins like this don’t come around every day.

It is timely as ‘Heritage Fight‘ – the remarkable documentary of the Goolarabooloo people and Broome community is currently showing on NITV, and Part One is available for a … Read More »

It is all sinking in, and taking off

Posted on April 24th, by peacefulcommunityaction in Campaigns, News. No Comments

Well it has taken a while to sink in – one of the largest environmental and community wins in Australia’s history has been achieved. Despite the company rhetoric and the majority of the mainstream media there is a growing awareness that this campaign was led by, and the win should be claimed by the remarkable community of Broome, who held their ground in the face of Woodside’s proposed gas plant and some of the biggest multinational oil and gas companies in the world.

Photo: Kimberley Direct Action

Of course they were ably supported by supporters around the world, and organisations such as as Sea Shepherd, Australian Conservation Society and many others. Peter Robertson from Wilderness Society lays out the facts clearly – if it wasn’t for the determined community resistance, this project would have gone ahead long before … Read More »