Covid Not so Safe – the case for conscientious objection

Posted on May 2nd, by Counteractive in Uncategorized. 4 comments

EDIT NOTE 8/5/20 – Yes, this is a long post. We want to provide context for the bigger picture of some data, privacy and surveillance concerns but also outline the many issues with the app. We also want you to listen to voices not platformed in this debate, and explain some of the technical aspects in plain English. Since publishing this has been viewed 10k and we’ve added some extra links to some improved discource around the app. Scroll to find areas of interest.

The public discourse around the CovidSafe app has been problematic to say the least. In one corner we have model citizens, people on Team Australia, those willing to act together for the common good. They believe in family values, they’ve been self distancing and they champion the Anzac spirit.

3.5 million of them have installed the … Read More »