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“DGR attacks”

It feels relentless

Posted on June 29th, by Counteractive in Campaigns, News. No Comments

When we were in Queensland last week on the road we heard word of an article that had been printed in the Sydney Morning Herald, presumably at the prompting of the mining industry. We were not contacted and given a right of reply, despite rhetoric and unfounded allegations being lifted directly from material provided by the “voice of the oil and gas industry”, the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association.

Then on friday we were contacted by the Daily Telegraph with a list of questions, also at the behest of the mining industry.

If you are interested in reading their submissions we have re-uploaded them here – Minerals Council Australia – Queensland resources council – Australian Petroleum Production & Energy Exploration Association

They are watching our social media channels, hunting us on linked in, trawling through reports on our website, and have their … Read More »