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#AustraliansforCoal : A win (say industry sources)

Posted on April 24th, by Counteractive in Campaigns, News. 2 comments

35 000 emails for #AustraliansforCoal. “It was set up to entice the clicktivists to give it lift off and they did. It couldn’t have played out any better,” a source told Australian Mining. (April 23, 2014)


A week later after one of the most epic PR industry fails is that really the best you can do? People from Adam Bandt’s office and Friends of the Earth, just two of the ‘anti coal extremists’ targeted said they received less than 30. So given the excellent grasp of maths already demonstrated by industry, perhaps they just did a lazy round up and multiplied the numbers by 1000. Give or take.

Since when has the mining industry needed mythical ‘industry sources’ a la New Idea journalism, to make comment on issues of import to them? Doesn’t Stephen Galilee, of the Minerals Council, just … Read More »

Building alliances against big coal

Posted on March 5th, by Counteractive in Campaigns, News. No Comments

From a farming community and a small base camp, the campaign to save Maules Creek and the Leard state forest in New South Wales, from being turned into a massive new coal mine, has grown into an issue of national importance and is one of the strongest emerging frontlines for the climate movement in resisting new coal expansion.

The success of the growing campaign and the consistent direct action which has been running for over 500 days and more recently consistently with a series of running actions for last two months, can be measured in part by the increasing attacks from the mining industry in the media and efforts to shut down camp.

With headlines in the Australian like Whitehaven under pressure as Maules brawl steps up and a public campaign seeking to marginalise the protestors, as well as pressure being put … Read More »

Best anti coal action ever?

Posted on February 18th, by Counteractive in Campaigns, News. No Comments

We have a longer article to come on the extraordinary campaign to save Leard forest and attempts to stop Whitehaven’s coal expansion in northern New South Wales. But in the meantime we want to share this with you. An example of the bravery, and gorgeous creativity of the people on the ground who are working to defend this forest, and to stand up for a safe climate. (Or hang, as you will see…)

Even the Australian mining magazine wrote a relatively non hysterical article, though the Herald Sun couldn’t help themselves. Ten points for one of the best headlines so far this year: “Is it a bird, is it a plane, No it is a flying feral!”

We stand with Jono

Posted on July 27th, by Counteractive in Campaigns, Events, News. No Comments

We’ve been helping coordinate the campaign to support Jonathan Moylan – a young man who has been targeted by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, and threatened with 10 years jail and $765,000 in fines for a simple act of good conscience.

The announcement that ANZ should have made in January 2013 was that they were withdrawing their $1.2 billion from Whitehaven coal. But unfortunately it turned out to be a hoax – Instead their ongoing investment in toxic futures was exposed – and a conversation got started.

We support action in highlighting the issues around coal finance and divestment, and believe that Jono’s actions opened up an important conversation that Australia needs to have. How long are we willing to directly contribute to the root causes of climate change by profiting from coal? And why are our banks using our money … Read More »