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2014. Game on.

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Watching the sunset slide into the ocean in the last days of 2013 I’ve been allowing myself quiet times. Lying on a beach. Indulging in bad movies. Hanging out with lovely long time friends that aren’t activists and not talking politics all the time. Thinking. Reflecting. And bracing.

2014 is going to be the most important year we have ever had. With thousands more clearly seeing the damage to be wrought by the Abbott government we will see the beginning of rapid growth of the social movement that we will need to build in order to win. It is going to set the scenes that will see the battle lines move out of the political arena and to the frontline for years to come. We may see people jailed in this country for speaking for environment and social justice. We are … Read More »

We won… six months on

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Well it has been a long time coming, but we have finally launched the updated version of the Camp Walmadan booklet, complete with the ‘WE WON’ wrap around copy, with reflections and stories from the successful campaign to stop Woodside’s proposed gas refinery on the Kimberley coast.

A huge shout out to our lovely and patient designer friend Lilia who did such a fab job and everyone who shared their stories… as well as those that didn’t have a chance.

Celebration is important, and we wanted to make the resource available for everyone to share, but add in some positive stories – as we all know, wins like this don’t come around every day.

It is timely as ‘Heritage Fight‘ – the remarkable documentary of the Goolarabooloo people and Broome community is currently showing on NITV, and Part One is available for a … Read More »

Walking on country, coming home

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I wanted to volunteer on the Lurujarri trail, near Broome for many reasons… to see friends, to walk the country I worked with others to save, to challenge myself physically, to hear the stories and connect to the living environment, and to acknowledge that I live on stolen land – and that it is necessary for all of us in similar positions to contribute in some way.

I have been thinking about what solidarity looks like, about what it means to be an ally to the original peoples of this country.  It is as simple and hard as listening… and so much more. There is definitely more to write on this, but as I was thinking about it, I came across this new resource which looks wonderful.

So what is the Lurujarri trail?

You can read more about it here – the short … Read More »

Congratulations to the Broome community

Posted on April 12th, by peacefulcommunityaction in Campaigns, News. 6 comments

Just last night we presented at the Melbourne Campaigners Network on the remarkable nonviolent direct action of the Broome community and traditional custodians against Woodside’s proposed gas hub. Then found out an hour afterwards it looked like the community might have won – and the project was about to be scrapped.  What an amazing outcome – will write more in coming days but it appears worth celebrating.  Here is a bit more news from today – Woodside announcement – Local Campaigner Nik Wevers – Environs Kimberley – Sydney Morning Herald

The financial media will all report that this was a commercial decision. Yes, in large part, of course it was – but to ignore the significant disruption, the investor uncertainty, the lack of social license and the risk, challenges and increased costs faced by the Joint Venture Partners by the consistent … Read More »