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Getting in the way – to #LetThemStay

Posted on February 12th, by Counteractive in Campaigns, Case study, Events, News, Resources. No Comments

Our round up of resources, groups and training to get involved in, pathways to action and suggestions for affinity group organising to get in the way, to ‪#‎LetThemStay‬ 

It is an incredible time right now with significant movement momentum gathering around the call to #LetThemStay in relation to the 267 refugees at risk of being deported to Nauru and Manus Island after a recent high court case was unsuccessful in challenging offshore detention.

The response across Australia has been phenomenal – from all sectors of civil society, calling on a need for a moral response, rather than a legal one. Civil disobedience and non-cooperation has hit the mainstream with churches offering sanctuary, and other institutions such as trade hall, and individuals joining that offer as well. Teachers and healthcare workers have been speaking out in recent months, refusing to discharge children who … Read More »

Honouring the rebel

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There is this strange feeling in my gut. It’s like a mix of old pain from long ago, and too much caffeine, and an uneasy churn. And it tastes brittle and metallic in my mouth.

It is a quiet unease rising that I don’t have the tools to deal with.

It seems to be how I feel about the state of progressive politics in Australia right now.

I’m in a room with 1000 people who are supposed to be our best and brightest and I am shit scared.

Whilst I am fully aware of the unsustainability of working in panic mode, I FEEL LIKE THERE NEEDS TO BE MORE.

More panic? Probably not.

More something? Hell yes.

Our world is being shot down in flames by inequity and arrogance so breathtaking that…it’s literally breath taking.

And it feels like we are overwhelmingly unprepared and out gunned. Despite the … Read More »

Melbourne wins hearts

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This is a short post.  Got to the Melbourne refugee rights rally a little late. Walked out of the Melbourne central train station to a vision of thousands of people crowding the State Library. A beautiful sea of people who were there to claim all of our rights to a better, more compassionate world. I am grateful to have walked amongst you that day.  With people who believe that there must be a better way… that dumping refugees on our poor island neighbours and ignoring our international obligations, all for political point scoring… will never be ok.

Our mascot, Luca, was also quite popular with the papparazzi. #pawsforrefugeesWe took a few simple pics, and there are more from other folks here.

And this guy, ‘Abe Ape’ was great.

“I am a nicer person than Kevin Rudd”

Refugees are not criminals

No more racism

Refugees in, Multinationals … Read More »