Spring into action

Haven’t written for a while – between a well earned break and launching back into a hectic time, we’ve been a bit remiss.

There is some great movement around the country – from a huge sold out nonviolent direct action weekend in Perth, to farmers preparing for action, to the impending Pacific Warrior tour – climate action in particular is taking off all over the country.

You can still make the training we have this weekend if you register TODAY (12th September) and get ready for a huge action to support the pacific climate warriors.

They are readying their canoes to block the worlds biggest coal port. Like the people mobilising in Gippsland and the Pilliga I am consistently impressed by peoples bravery – I wonder if we, as a broad movement, aren’t giving people enough credit for being ready to take action. Every training I have done, I have been genuinely surprised by how much people are ready to open their minds to new ways of taking action. A recent weekend training in the Pilliga, in North West NSW, was a great example. 40 farmers and locals in a room. Some of them have never been to a rally before, and yet there they are, open ears and open minds, on finding out what is needed to defend their farms and land. Just like the folks at Seaspray. Just like the folks at any other training I have ever run.

I’ve also been the patron of the Environmental Film Festival and speaking on a range of panels – including one on famed author, environmentalist and advocate of ‘monkey wrenching’, Edward Abbey.

I reckon he would be proud of these folks. I know I am proud to be working with them.