Save Bastion Point

Being a relatively recent immigrant to Melbourne I don’t know Victoria well – and had never been across Gippsland as far as Mallacoota.

It is crazy beautiful and has kept its soul intact.  It borders on beautiful national parks, an amazing network of lakes and gorgeous coastline. The caravan park is apparently unique in Australia, a huge green expanse of unimpeded views over the water, and during the summer season is incredibly popular.  People have been coming back for years to the welcoming small town environment.

Listening to the locals is a bit heart breaking. They are basically telling the same story that we hear all over the country.  Business and government not listening to the will of the people.  Inappropriate development to benefit the few, with the cost being the social fabric of the community.

The campaign to Save Bastion Point is a bold and vibrant community effort to stop the dredging and destruction associated with development of a massive sea wall on the popular surf beach.  There are also a range of safety concerns with the projects, and environmental and cultural destruction which will be devastating.

They have tried everything they can for ten years with detailed submissions, lobbying, creative stunts and rate strikes, and now they are preparing to take frontline action. We wish them well.

PS – We are working towards improving our habits of acknowledging the traditional owners of the nations where we work. There are a number of nations with connections to this country. Amongst them Ben-Kurnai, Bidawal and Ngarigo.