People using civil disobedience and nonviolent direct action has a proud history of creating change across hundreds of years.  Internationally the civil rights movement, gains made by suffragettes and people power driving the overthrow of dictators have inspired many.  In Australia we have seen significant wins with hundreds of people participating in civil disobedience in the Franklin River and Jabiluka campaigns, as well as on many social justice issues.  When nonviolent direct action is done well it can be relatively safe, a positive experience and lead to significant social change. Here are some resources to help you do it better.

Direct Action


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Photo: Julia Rau


*please note, our friends in the mining lobby don’t seem to understand how “the internet” works. Just because we have listed a range of websites that collectively link to 1000’s of resources and web pages doesn’t mean we endorse every tactic listed within. We advocate for nonviolent action, but its up to every individual to make up their own mind about what tactics they want to use, and we just want to help collate useful information so you can.