Real direct action on climate

It has been a whirlwind few weeks with a really well received series of nonviolent direct action trainings rolled out all over the country. With support from, the Australian Youth Climate Coalition and Greenpeace over 150 activists took part in training in Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth to prepare for real direct action on climate.

We wrote a few new info sheets for these events which are available on our resources page, and had a great time meeting and working with people across the country.  It is an exciting time for change with new people stepping out of their comfort zone to take action.  We even had wait lists in several cities, so stay tuned for at least one more event soon in January 2014 in Melbourne next year.  You can also get along to Act Up at Maules Creek in NSW this week, or keep in touch with a range of events as part of Summer Heat.

There is a real sense that it is time to step up, and get our hands dirty. Real direct action on climate change is going to take courage, commitment and community – we have all of those things, so let’s go.

Here is what people said about the training...