Rare job opportunity

CounterAct Coordinator, Nicola Paris on a mike in a large crowd, She is wearing a blue dress and holding a megaphone. She is surrounded by a crowd and blue ribbons and bunting

UPDATE: We are excited to welcome Larissa Payne to the team, and will be introducing her in December when she starts!

CounterAct are hiring! We’ve broken new ground in resourcing and supporting community activists in civil resistance, nonviolent direct action and legal information over the last 9 years and are the only organisation focused directly on this, in the country.

**Application due date extended – 13th August **

This is a unique opportunity for someone with a good understanding of civil resistance and nonviolent direct action to continue the legacy of our work – as well as work autonomously to build new pathways, opportunities and bring their own specialties and networks to our small organisation. We are well known for punching above our weight, and in a recent survey of supporters our work was described as:

“A fabulous organisation committed to upskilling and educating activists, and building alliances between diverse groups.”

“The best training I have encountered in 30yrs in Australia”

“Direct action supporters, educators and resource providers. Smart, professional, thoughtful and having integrity. So glad it exists!”

“The closest thing grass roots activists have to a training academy, a well respected and trusted source of information for activists, the major reason that people aren’t often hurt doing NVDA because they received training from CA, or from a trainer trained by CA, in NVDA before participating”

“Kick arse crew who are so keen to jump in and help out anyone to make positive change and demand change.”

“A collaborative and educational scaffold / resource / blessing for nonviolent grassroots activists.”

“An organisation that helps facilitate and do trainings around Social justice. An org thats big on solidarity.”

Coordinator Nicola Paris facing a crowd of 50 people sitting around tables covered in white cloth
Coordinator Nicola Paris running a workshop at Progress 2015

What we offer that no one else does:

“A knowledge of real-world actions that were successfully undertaken in a safe, caring environment. There is a role for everyone in activism and you let everyone find the best spot for them.”

“Considered experience. I did a year with [redacted] and past year with [redacted]. Both have theory and practice but neither combine it. Counteract is streaks ahead in my view.”

“As far as I know you’re unique in being a specialist NVDA/civil resistance movement support organisation. I deeply believe you’re necessary, and saddened that more influential people don’t seem to.”

“CounterAct offers new activists the opportunity to lead: to join a movement and hit the ground running, to begin by organising huge actions with support. Other organisations offer the chance to sign some petitions, maybe turn up to an event, potentially door knock with a script. Some people are ready to go all in – which is awesome.”

And a lot of people said – no one else does what you do.

So we need someone special for this role as Coordinator. Please excuse the indulgent testimonies, but we believe our supporters, collaborators and trainees can offer a better insight into what we do, and our niche in the movement, than any job description. Also, please don’t let the formal job description overwhelm you – we know it is a big ask, please read to the bottom. We are particularly keen to encourage applications from diverse backgrounds. Our outgoing coordinator, Nicola Paris, is taking extended leave for health reasons but will provide mentoring.


CounterAct: Building People Powered Action; plays a unique role in movements for racial, social, environmental and climate justice across the continent. CounterAct was established formally in 2012 after being conceived in Broome, Western Australia. We saw the impact effective civil resistance training and activism skills-building can have in building leadership, growing an effective campaign in one of the world’s most remote small towns, and saw the development of a collaborative, multi-faceted strategy among many stakeholders that successfully won against a state government and the world’s biggest fossil fuel companies.

We have worked with diverse constituencies all over the continent, and run training and workshops in every state and territory. We provide resources, mentoring and training to community grassroots activists and organisations, as well as working with Non government organisations and unions.

We are respected for our role in supporting grassroots activists, as well as being able to collaborate with NGO’s and have worked to mainstream civil resistance for many years in public forums, progressive events and among human rights and legal advocates.

We are seeking a Coordinator – initially part time, but there is an opportunity to grow and develop this position, bringing your own unique skill set and networks. Upgrade to 4/5 days per week, or a role sharing opportunity may happen quite quickly as we have sponsors working on funding proposals with us.

Salary – $70,000 per annum, Pro Rata at 3-4 days per week, plus standard superannuation.

Flexible working hours. 3 month trial period.

Location – (updated) Prefer capital city on east coast but any capital cities or regional towns close to cities considered

We encourage Aboriginal people to apply, in particular, as well as People of Colour, and those from other marginalised communities. Should someone from these communities be the best fit, we will work towards a culturally safe working environment in conjunction with appropriate organisations – and will adapt working conditions that are appropriate to support people from a variety of lived experience.

Nicola Paris leading an impromptu training at Beeliar protests. She is wearing a floral dress & addressing a group of people in picketline formation
Nicola Paris running impromptu training at Beeliar protests 2018


  • 5-10 years activist/community organising/campaigning experience
  • 5 years experience of civil resistance and nonviolent direct action
  • Understanding of civil resistance strategy and direct action tactics 
  • Experience working with grassroots activists, as well as NGO’s
  • High level written and spoken communication skills
  • High level emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills
  • Workshop design and facilitation skills
  • Experience in management of volunteers and recruitment/retention
  • Literacy in common digital and social media tools: Nationbuilder, Action Network, Social Media (facebook, twitter, instagram), WordPress (high level skills great, basic skills necessary in at least some of these)
  • Fundraising and grant writing skills (basic skills useful, high level skills welcome)
  • Experience in working in solidarity with Aboriginal people, People of Colour and other marginalised identities, as well as working with people with a diversity of politics and theories of change. We’re hoping to find someone who can educate and engage with NGO’s, feel comfortable rolling out a swag at a blockade, or talk to conservative farmers


  • Advanced fundraising skills
  • Basic digital security knowledge
  • Legal education experience
  • Confidence in public speaking
  • High level social media and digital campaign experience
  • Basic graphic design, video and photography skills
  • Research and analytic skills, especially in relation to legislation
  • Developed networks across a variety of social movements and issues
  • Accounts management, administration and governance experience
  • Sass. Yes we like sass. We want you to bring your personality

This is a complex role and we understand it is unlikely that anyone will fulfill all criteria. Decent experience with civil resistance and NVDA is non-negotiable, however if you cover a reasonable amount of other criteria, we encourage you to still apply, and highlight your strength areas, and be honest about what you’d need support/training with. Mentoring will be provided by the outgoing Coordinator. Please contact info@counteract.org.au with any queries – and we welcome you to check in if you’re not sure!

Please submit your resume and a brief expression of Interest addressing each criteria (2-3 pages max) with 2 referees. Application due date: FRIDAY 13th AUG 5PM AEST