Here are some of the programs we have run, and folks we have been working with and supporting:

  • Climate Justice Legals Network – as we have found more and more activist groups seeking our experience in legal education and for connections and advice from lawyers, we have formalised this work with the launch of the Climate Justice Legals Network. We will be working initially in east coast cities to connect lawyers, law students and people interested in activist rights with campaigners and organisers who need their assistance. Find out more and register interest here
  • Save Beeliar Wetlands – a campaign in WA where activists were defending wetlands and bushlandfrom road development. This was won in 2017 as a newly elected ALP government cancelled the road project. We supported, mentored and trained community activists. We also assisted in debriefing and capturing lessons from the campaign and coordinated a follow up police accountability project.
  • The Change Course – Practical skills for advocacy and campaigning.  Ran in 2014-15. We are seeking future funding to run again. This gave a broad overview of skills needed to be an effective campaigner.  From community organising, to social media and fundraising , we covered a great set of tools to take away, increasing skills, and developing better capacity in the areas our participants work in.
  • Melbourne Activist Legal Support is a group we are working with to support social movements in Melbourne with legal observer training, and legal rights briefings for activists.
  • Melbourne Campaigners Network holds regular gatherings for campaigners, activists, and organisers to discuss ideas, exchange resources and discover new approaches to social change. We co-convene this regular event with Plan to Win.
  • Climate movement – We have supported many groups on this issue over a number of years now – both in Melbourne, and through training at national events, such as Climate Camps, Switch off Hazelwood, and a series of ‘Act Up’ events at the Maules Creek mine in Leard state forest, NSW. We work with Quit Coal, Lock the Gate, and Gasfield Free Seaspray. We have worked with the Pacific Climate Warriors, and have supported training and mentoring for some of the largest climate convergences in the country. We are also working on the campaign to Stop Adani.
  • James Price Point (Walmadan) We visited and worked with the ‘Broome No Gas’ community campaign several times since first being invited to run nonviolent direct action training in 2011.  An inspiring and ultimately successful campaign – you can read about their significant win here. We developed and contributed to this excellent camp booklet which may be helpful for many other campaigns also.

We are also working on developing resources for Australian campaigners, and will be continuing to add to, and expand our list of some great tools for campaigners from around the world.  We released a needs analysis for activist training in Australia in early 2014.