Powershift 2013

Well it is Day 1 of Australian Youth Climate Coalition Powershift 2013 conference and it has been great so far – I spoke about the extraordinary Broome No Gas campaign (you can check out some more info on that campaign here) on a panel with others;  Victoria McKenzie-McHarg from Environment Victoria, Simon Clough  Lismore Deputy Mayor and heavily involved with Lock the Gate, and Justin Field from the Sunrise Project… all with great insights into what it takes to win a campaign… common themes of community, coalition building and working with, and celebrating our differences.

powershift panel
Lessons from the coal and gas movement – Panel – Powershift 2013

Will write more on that in the coming week.

It is also exciting to be talking nonviolent direct action and civil disobedience this weekend – there seems to be a growing interest in discussing different tactics and it will be interested to see how these conversations play out.  We had a great group of bright young crew participating really reflectively in the nonviolence training session I co-faciliated with my favourite Rev – Simon Moyle. Check out our resources page for some great info on nonviolent direct action.

Or join our civil disobedience discussion on Day 2 with some of my favourite mischief makers and rabble rousers.

And support people who have taken civil disobedience actions for all  of us.  We will be helping coordinate the solidarity campaign for Jonathan Moylan – Find ‘We Stand with Jonathan Moylan’ on facebook to submit your solidarity photo. Or contact us for more information.

We took a great pic with some of the participants of our nonviolent direct action training – we’d love to see more of yours!