Pass the glitter

As most of progressive Australia is wringing their hands, avoiding media or fleeing the country we decided to turn our focus to some creative ways through the mire.  Our friends at Plan to Thrive have some good tips on beating the post election blues that folks might want to check out in the meantime as well.

There is so darned much to protest with an Abbott government that we are in danger of drowning each other out.

It is going to be an uphill battle so it should at least be fun right? Less ranting and more creativity we say.

Our award for the best political stunt this year goes to epic dreamboat Twiggy Palmcock.  For the straight face he managed to maintain, the behind the scenes schmoozing video complete with Howard cameo, and the creativity of a wrist bracelet made of starburst wrappers. Heck, Abbott has even apologised.

There was also some quality work during the election campaign from the crack duo of Hazel Wood and Coral Bleach, representing for BUM’s across the country.

This petition at treats the serious issue of gender under representation in Cabinet with the same regard that Abbott shows women, AND manages to reference a Flight of the Conchords song.

And we must also make a special ‘own goal’ mention for the New South Wales government who gave us some quality political satire of their own with their suggested name change for coal seam gas.

There is a challenge out to queer activists to see who can drown Abbott in a bucket of glitter, and let’s  face it, a bunch of the new Senators are a joke anyway.

Our resistance should be beautiful and creative, fun and inspiring.  We are choosing to cling to community, humour and satire in these grim times. Pass the glitter.