So long 2014

So, what did 2014 look like?

Full of win, with resistance rising all over the world, including here in Australia. Today the Leard blockade stopped coal for Christmas. With over 300 arrests and counting it has become a potent symbol of the growing and diverse resistance to the fossil fuel industry.

We supported both grassroots organisations, organising against militarism, corporations and big business… and collaborated with bigger organisations to run a series of trainings across the country.

We’ve spoken to thousands of people, and acted as patron of the Environmental Film Festival. We worked to support the pacific climate warriors who inspired us with their heart and resilience and saw them stop a 100 000 tonne coal ship in its tracks. We showed that when the powers that be try and take on a single climate activist, that we will stand with them – the #standwithjono campaign in solidarity with Jonathan Moylan saw support pour in across the country, and happily he avoided jail.

Locally we saw the frackers get fracked with some brilliant community organising, and an ongoing extension on the moratorium, as the tiny town of Seaspray prepared to blockade, the government blinked.

Earlier in the year we ran our inaugural campaigning and advocacy ‘Change Course’ in conjunction with Friends of the Earth. It was well received, and we are excited to announce, it has been funded for a second year – stay tuned.

We also contributed to Melbourne Activist Legal Support, Melbourne Campaigners Network and assisted to get ‘Direct Action Melbourne’ rolling, a new network of climate focused groups who will be rolling out bigger and bolder civil disobedience actions next year.

We are growing and talking to new volunteers, and next year we will be opening up CounterAct to new people and alliances – if you want to be involved, get in touch.

And naturally if you made it all the way to here – we need to let you know that you can support our work next year – become a regular Counteractivator… all the cool kids are doing it.

May your holidays be full of joy, and your 2015 a disobedient one!

Nicola Paris