Feisty forest times

It seems like forest action is popping up all over the country again – what better way to prep for Summer, than with a bit of direct action – from coast to coast activists are putting their bodies on the line and standing up to the uneconomic and environmentally destructive forest industries.  Check out actions from the fab folks of South East Forest Rescue, to action on the other side of the country in the deep south west of WA, near Walpole.  Tours are also running to allow people to see these issues for themselves.  And of course there is the fabulous red treehouse in Toolangi, Victoria, and extraordinary ongoing work by folks involved in the Huon Valley Environment Centre and others in Tasmania.

little red treehouse
Photo – courtesy Little Red Toolangi Treehouse


We look forward to facilitating some sessions at the national forest skillshare this weekend in Gippsland – Check out the Fearless Summer program and get equipped with some skills from great activists who are working their guts out on the frontline of forest activism in this big country!