Climate Justice Legals Network – LAUNCH

Exciting times! We have been doing this work informally for many years – providing activists with information and legal resources for being involved in safe, peaceful protest.

From brand new activists unsure of how to organise rallies and marches, to farmers who were considering peaceful resistance for the first time, we’ve tried to ensure that anyone participating in environmental and climate justice campaigns has the information for safe, and effective actions.

And there is a greater need than ever before with numerous state governments prioritising business instead of communities in laws that infringe on freedom of assembly, freedom of speech and other activities part of every day advocacy and change making.

SO Рwe decided it was well overdue to formalise this work Рand open up a pathway for legal professionals  to support campaigns for environmental and climate justice. Join us, to get involved in supporting activists with information, and connecting them to resources. We have worked coast to coast in the last year Рsupporting people in WA, and more recently supporting the development of legal collectives in Sydney and Brisbane. We need you to get involved and join us! Find out more, and register here.