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We Need to Wage Peace, Not War on Climate Change

Posted on September 27th, by Counteractive in peace. No Comments

Guest Blog by Phil Evans – originally published on Shouting For Deliverance

War!! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing! So why would we, as renowned author and founder of, Bill McKibben, recently suggested, declare war on climate change? This is not by any means a new suggestion, with pundits from climate emergency perspectives calling for mobilisations on the scale of WWII, code reds and other similar perspectives for years now. And like war metaphor siblings – war on drugs, war on poverty etc – will not a war of climate change prove to be a failure too? In some respects this is all semantics and a metaphor. However, many are proffering a radical alternative to declaring war, and that is to wage peace on climate change – literally and metaphorically – because the framing does matter and does affect how we … Read More »

When war comes home

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It took a little while to sink in. The first indications we had that there was anything wrong, was that an ambulance headed for the gates of the peaceful blockade to the military base that peace activists had held strong for several days. Quickly, one of our number went to ask the police if the ambulance needed to get through. They instead turned around and drove away.

We then heard that one of our crew might have a broken nose. He came out through the gates dazed, bloodied, and holding the pants that had been cut off of him with a knife.

Pieces of the story came with each person who was released. And a piece of some of us got left behind. It is one thing to protest the nature of war, to stand sentry at the gates of a military … Read More »