CounterAct provides training, capacity building and resources to environmental and social justice campaigners across Australia.


We need your help. The government and industry attacks on our work prove we are effective.

By donating to CounterAct you are literally helping many campaigns – from farmers looking for legal information on peaceful protest, to environmentalists looking to increase their media skills, to students and grandmothers standing for climate justice, and for refugees, and 1000s of other activists. There is literally no other organisation in the country that does the work we do.

HELP us with the resources to push back, either with a one off donation, or by becoming a regular Activator.

In the first half of this year we hope to sign up:

  • 30 people who will donate $25 a month
  • 30 people who will donate $40 a month
  • 10 people who will donate $100 a month

$40 a month is just $10 per week. 3 cups of coffee a week.Activator

We rely on community support and individual donations to support our work, supporting campaigners. When you donate to CounterAct all proceeds go 100% towards training, resource development and capacity building.

We are an affiliate member of Friends of the Earth (Australia) and donations are completely tax deductible.

It is tough to find funding for our training, though everyone we work with agrees that it is vital.

Got a vision for a world where communities can take their power back?

Can you chip in?


Our crowdfunder video featured above is now finished but you can check it out to see what we get up to and still donate here through the secure portal or get in touch if you would like to donate for a particular training project.